Creating A Collage

After creating some digital collage type images inspired by Elena Fortunati's FENSTER series I decided to try creating a physical collage using images I collected from magazines. A collage is the assembly of different forms to create a new piece of artwork, it can include paint, newspaper and magazine clippings and many other different medias. I looked through a bunch of magazines from our art department to gather sections that I could put together. I found one magazine that had a series of fashion photos taken through different kinds of doorways. I really liked this idea so decided to incorporate some of these doorways into my collage and find some interesting outdoor images to put on the other side of them. I also found this really interesting image of a women who reminds me very much of model and singer Sky Ferreira. I loved how she was presented so decided to put her into my collage as I think she gives a really interesting mood to the piece as she looks slightly deranged and vengeful. 

I'm really pleased with how my first collage turned out so I decided to photocopy it and experiment with adding more elements to it.  In my first experiment I decided to adding back in the most bold colours in the original collage with oil pastel. I also highlighted parts of the elevator door with foil to give a more futuristic look to this image. 

For my next experiment I decided to play with the more grainy quality of the black and white photocopy by adding earthy colours of brusho to give a really aged look to the image. However because I sprinkled the brusho onto card it didn't get absorbed and I had to dab it dry with tissue which didn't make the effect look as good in my opinion.

After not being too happy with my brusho experiment onto card, I decided to photocopy my collage onto paper so that the water and brusho would be absorbed better. I really like how this turned out as it looks so vibrant and textured and I used the brusho to emphasise the colours onto the original image.

Overall I am pleased with how my first collage turned out and would like to experiment with other ways of creating collage work.

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