More Experiments Inspired By Helena Almeida + David Copithorne

After not being that happy with my Helena Almeida inspired experiments I decided to get some white paint and have another go at painting onto printed photographs. However this time focusing more on creating shapes rather than just using brush strokes to create an effect. To do this I used some photographs that I've taken, that I again I printed onto paper in order to create a grungy look from my images, which I think really works well in these experiments to contrast against the bright white paint. I decided to paint shapes such as circles and triangles onto my images, to add a more geometrical influence into my work which I was inspired to do after looking at work by David Copithorne who adds 3D shapes into his work digitally which I really like.

This image is my personal favourite from my experiments as I really like the minimal composition and the way the bright white circle interacts with the background and foreground.

The effect I have created on this image is the result of me deciding to paint around the centre of my image to leave a circle but not liking the result. Because of this I folded the image in half while the paint was still wet and unfolded it to reveal what I think is quite an interesting effect, considering I wasn't purposefully trying to create anything especially something grungy looking like this. 

Overall I really like the minimal aesthetic I have created with these images and the way I have kept these images black and white which creates a very abstract look to these grainy looking images. However because I hand painted my shapes, the effect isn't as crisp as I'd like it to be, as in some places the application does look scruffy. Because of this I'd like to try experimenting more with adding shapes onto images, but this time in the darkroom where I can use the photogram techniques I have learnt to create a much more crisp and professional look to these images. 

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