The Relationship Brief + Plan of Action.

Notes + Information from briefing

Produce a total of 5 different images that depict a relationship.

These 5 images can either be:

5 different individual images of different relationships
5 different images depicting the same relationship

The most important word here is ‘different.’ Whether you choose to explore the same subject matter or different subjects, ensure that you work around your subject and work fluidly to produce creative and visually interesting images.

Photographers to look at:
  • Chris Steele-Perkins (Magnum Photos) 
  • Chris Killip 
  • “No Such Thing As Society” Daniel Meadows
  • Tony Ray Jones
  • Graham Smith
  • Jocelyn Bain 
  • Lauren Greenfield ‘Girl Culture’
  • Martin Parr
  • Nancy Borowick
  • Dougie Wallace
  • Venetia Dearden ‘Somerset Stories’
  • Garry Winogrand
  • Phil Greitzer
  • Robert Doisneau
  • Ruth Orkin
  • Floyd McCarty
  • Michael Ochs
  • Tony Triolo
  • Denise Ranallo (punk scene, nyu)
  • Linda McCartney
  • Ed Clark
  • Margaret Bourke-White
  • Dick Halstead (bill clinton)
  • W. Eugene Smith
  • JeongMee Yoon - pink and blue project
  • Bill Cunningham

It can be about family, a community, a religion, a couple, work, school, or just the varied ways we are thrown together as human beings every day. People interact with each other because they want to and quite often because they have to.

Initial Thoughts + Ideas

When receiving the brief I was initially quite nervous about capturing this kind of subject matter. I saw the word relationship and thought ok even more people this time. Which is fine, but in a way it's going to be harder. Taking a portrait of one person seems easier to pull off in theory and I guess I was nervous because I instantly began thinking about portraits of two people. When in fact I don't have to be that straight forward in response to the brief at all. 

My initial aims/intentions throughout this project are to push myself a lot harder. I want to make my research more thorough and make it influence my working progress a lot more. I also want to incorporate more critical theory into my thought process and think outside the box more with my photographs and the kinds of genres and styles I incorporate into my work and research. 

I feel that a broad range of genres and styles of photographer's work are appropriate to look and consider for this project but I feel I will mainly focus on documentary, street and photojournalism photography. As I did portraiture last semester and want to try some styles I haven't previously explored that fully, because I have done a lot of portraiture before university as well. 

My first steps in starting this project will be to look through books that catalogue different photographer's work to find those whose work includes themes that relate to relationships. I will then look at their work individually to influence my ideas for concepts and approaches to my own work capturing relationships. 

Initial thoughts on relationships:
  • Artist couples
  • Family businesses 
  • Can shoot friends and family but don’t submit that
  • Person and an animal
  • Bingo Hall
  • Tea Dance

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