Inspired By Lisa Sorgini's Food Stamps

After falling in love with Lisa Sorgini's Food Stamps series I had to try the technique out myself. Instead of using National Geographic Images I used photos that my Dad had taken with his SLR camera years ago including photos of me and my sister. I chose these photos because I love the look of colour film photography and wanted to experiment with adding something new to photographs that have a personal connection and sentimental value to me. I also used food that I found in my kitchen cupboards and set out to experiment with composition and anonymity to really twist the original mood of these photos.

This is my favourite of the photos that I took inspired by Lisa Sorgini's Food Stamps. The photo I used underneath is a photo of my Dad and his fellow nurses at a clinic he used to work at. I decided to use flour on this photo because it reminds me of a crushed pills which associates with health care. For me this has given a much more sinister mood compared to than the happy group photo that it is underneath, I really do love how this simple technique can be used to completely change the tone and meaning of an image. 

Overall I am happy with what I've produced in these experiments, although next time I would like to take it further in terms of adding my own style. Through doing these experiments I've learnt more about creating mood in photos and how composition and the addition of other objects can impact the aesthetic quality of an image. After doing this I now want to try more techniques to manipulate images.

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