Creating My Final Piece

For my final shoot, I made sure I took my photographs on a day where the natural light would be bright enough, so that I could use a plain wall inside, as a background for my photographs. It didn't particularly matter to me that the wall was slightly yellow, as I planned to edit my images so that they are black and white. To take the photographs, I positioned my camera on my tripod and instructed my female subject to hold the square in a variety of different positions, so that I would have plenty of choice when it came to editing and creating my triptych. 

To create my circle of white noise to put onto my images, I used a circular cut out effect on a piece of online photo editing software. This made sure that the surrounding area of the circle would be completely transparent, making it easier to layer on top my black squares. Once I had put my circle onto around 30 of my favourite images from the shoot, I edited them so that they became black and white, and then I printed them so that I could begin arranging and working out the three images I wanted to use for my triptych. As well as using the full images I had taken with my camera, I also cropped some of my photographs, so that the square would go off of the page, to see if these more abstract effects would add something to my final triptych.

Above are some examples of experiments that I tried out, with different images and arrangements for my final piece of work. After a few experiments with landscape triptychs, I decided that for me visually, having the images on top of one another is a more effective layout, as the images feel more enclosed together as a piece, rather than three separate photographs.

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