My Final Piece // Flicker

Above is my final piece, that I assembled after choosing my three edited photographs to go into my small rectangular frames, that fit my printed photograph's 6x4 scale perfectly. Overall I think the composition of my piece is strong, with the high contrast between the shadows and highlights, both in my images and the frames. Which really emphasises the black square as a piece of symbolism for abstract art. 

I decided not to use any of my cropped images in my final piece, as I want the square to fill the photographs and really dominate my images, to really trigger a response for a viewer to my white noise obstructed square. Which hopefully as a conceptual piece, will be really thought provoking and hopefully challenge these ideas about the technologies effect on art in the past century.

Dora Maurer's conceptual work very much inspired the use of hands and anonymity in this piece and I think they work well in communicating this exploration of these ideas, in a way that makes this piece very introspective for a viewer and really asks for their interpretation. The hands for me also work as a metaphor for arguments, regarding the premise of the black square and how we can interpret it 100 years later. 

Like in my London photographs I made these images black and white, in order to make this link between old and new, in reflecting this passing of 100 years of the black square and it's original ideas and premise, compared to where we are now. With the technological developments that have grown so much over the past century

The white noise in this image, in it's contrasting round shape to the square, really represents what I've looked at in this project, in terms of distortion and time and in this piece it really reflects the passing of this growth of the digital age. As analogue televisions where visual white noise originated from, seem rare now that digital television has become the norm and technology has developed so much since then, in this relatively short space of time. 

Overall I am pretty pleased with my final piece. Although I do feel that, if I had more time I would have been able to create something, slightly more reflective of my own personal style of photography. As this was heavily inspired by the specific work and techniques that I have looked at in this project. In terms of the word FLICKER, this piece to me really goes back to these ideas I gathered from looking at Vito Acconci's work. From his blinks piece I really responded to it as a reflection of what blinking actually represents in our lives, in very much being like a comma, and that there is so much we miss simply because of blinking. For me in a similar way, this white noise represents what we miss and what obstructs our daily lives, simply because of this dependency on technology in the 21st century, and also the way it takes away from traditional aspects of our culture such as performance art, and traditional forms of artwork such as painting. Which is why I think the black square as well as this anonymity and use of hands to hold this white noise, is important in challenging these further ideas about time and technology. 

I also decided to share all my possible images for my triptych, on a Tumblr website that I made specifically to display this work. I decided to create an online display of these images, as it does seem appropriate considering the main theme of this work is to challenge the technological age and it's effect on both art and our daily lives, and the internet is very much at the forefront of the themes of my work. I have also created a page on this site where I have written an artists statement, to explain my work to the public and to make it more accessible for them. I really enjoyed creating this site and my statement, because it's allowed me to present my work as if I am a creative professional, and really helped me take my work seriously in having to justify it in my statement.

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