Thinking About Class + Slim Aaron's La Dolce Vita

I was thinking more about themes along the lines of social divides and how I could photograph that kind of subject matter. I was inspired to do this after reading about Slim Aaron's work photographing socialites, jet setters and the elite in Italy, where he worked after retiring from war photography. I like the images aesthetically and they do say a lot about the upper class people of Italy, so I looked through the book La Dolce Vita expecting to find more photographs I had already seen (shown above) showing the kinds of relationships these people have with each other. Instead however found the photographs to be lacking depth in terms of communicating more about the relationships of these people. These are good photographs they just feel more postcard like and staged to me. 

I was left feeling pretty uninspired by this book but I will bare the photographer in mind for future work as I do like a lot of his portraiture. I would like to find other photographer's who deal with class and other social divides within more specific cultures so will keep researching these themes. 

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