Inspired By Johnny Stiletto // Sheffield City Centre

Using Johnny Stiletto's technique for photographing, where he positions his camera at his waist and does not look through his viewfinder. I went around Sheffield City Centre to photograph the people that I came across. I decided to take most of them as I walked around the high street to capture these quick moments that would occur. I definitely prefer this technique to putting my DSLR up at someone's face, and I do like the slanted and more surreal looking composition it gives.
This is my favourite picture that I took and I like it because of the three children all in the foregound and background looking in one direction. I think this focus on the three boys is emphasised by the fact you cannot see the faces of the two adults in the foreground, bringing us to the children's level, amd making us curious of what they are gazing at. I also like the use of colour in this photo in particular in the forground with the earthy tones that the two adults are wearing and then the boy in his bright red coat, because of this I just couldn't make this photo black and white as I do love colour photography and how it can be used and it really adds to the style of photography I have as I always colour correct my photographs.

 Through doing this I've found a technique for street photography that I am more comfortable with and have more of an idea of what I like to photograph as I prefer the photos with strong elements of colour and composition.

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