York Street Photos

For my next street photography shoot I decided to go to York for the day with my sister to capture subject matter related to tourism inspired by both Martin Parr's last resort photos and also looking at typography like in the photos in 1955 taken by William Klein to give me structure during this shoot.

The photo above is of a very talented street performer who me and my sister were intrigued with straight away when he started setting up all his equipment. He juggled with these torches blindfoled and even got onto a giant ball to continue doing so, once he had taken his trousers off to reveal a tutu, which made him very animated and captivating to watch. For me this above photo in particular came out really well as it uses anomnimity well like the Hong Kong picture by Martin Parr which draws even more focus to this blindfoled character we can see and these stricking torches in his hand.

The next two photos are of two tourists who I found particularly amusing as they spent ages trying to get the perfect photo of one another in front of York Minster. The first photo I find particularly funny because of the expression on the woman's face, who is trying to concentrate on the photo she is taking as it is so ridiculous to me. I put these photos in black and white as I felt because I'd used a higher f-stop the colours and sharpness of the background took focus off the two subjects in my photos. 

My other favourites from this shoot focused on typography without people like William Klein went and did in New York in 1955. I personally liked doing street photography in this way because it definitely allows me to give my own style to my photos a lot more and It made me think more about what each picture was representing. The photo below for example reminded me very much of a still from a from a 1970's thriller I watched created by the people who made the Avengers. I really love colour film photography so being able to create a digital photograph that has this old feel really made me happy in that I could put my own preferred style into what I was doing.

I'm definitely a lot happier with the results of this shoot and now want to build on my abilities and confidence in photographing people more in street photography, I will do this by going into Sheffield City Centre and photography shoppers and passers by on the high street.

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