Another 3 Favourites From The "50 Photographers of Note" Powerpoint

William Eggleston

I like this picture because of the way the colours compliment each other, notably the shades of yellow against the earthy browns and reds. I also think the use of composition is very powerful in this picture rather than the scenery and the objects themselves. However despite being more about these two elements in this photo you still can tell generally in what kind of place this was taken and what kind of mood there is. 

Tony Ray Jones

I like this picture because it really gives a feel for the situation where it was taken and there really is a story to it that you can interpret. I also like the use of black and white because I feel it adds rawness and a mood to the picture which is quite ironic considering that it is of a beauty pageant which is actually quite perceived as quite a glamourised thing but instead we see the contestants waiting in a dingy room where the rest of the people in the shot don't seem too taken by them.

Andre Kertesz

The last picture I have found that I like is this more surreal photograph where you can only see the legs and feet of two women who look like they are dangling over rocks and water. Again I like the use of black and white which really emphasises and contrasts the light and dark and the shapes of the women's legs and feet. I find this particularly captivating because of the composition and how sharp and bold every part of this more simple photograph is.

Through observing these photos I've really learned about the power of composition in photography and will incorporate and consider composition more when taking my own photographs in the future

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