3 Sources Of Portraiture Inspiration

Alessio Albi | Erica

I love the use of natural light in Alessio's photographs and the way his subjects interact with the nature around them both complimenting one another. I also love the use of earthy and natural colours in his pictures. I like this photo in particular because you still focus on the subject despite everything around and in front of her. Everything you should focus on is so sharp and crisp despite the duller colours used.

I really like the use of natural light in this picture by Neil Krug of famous singer Lana Del Rey.  I also like the composition in this piece. The vintage look to this picture really appeals to me especially the dimensions of it which give a polaroid effect to it.

Bob Willoughby | Audrey Hepburn

What I like about this picture so much is the structured composition created by the car and how candid a shot this is of famous actress Audrey Hepburn who was known as more demure than other Hollywood starlets which I think this picture really conveys. 

What I've taken from all 3 pictures is that I like the use of natural lighting and the composition with a subject in portrait photography and hope to bring these elements into my own work. 

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