Inspired By Alessio Albi

Italian portrait photographer Alessio Albi’s photographs are stunning images of models usually in natural surroundings with meticulous detail in the use of earthy colours between the models and their surroundings and the way nature interacts with them. Albi uses natural light and often has to be very patient to get the exact shapes and volumes that he wants from it. Albi uses a lot of low lit outside settings to add to the surreal atmosphere and help take away any detail that would distract the viewer’s eye from the subject. 

For my interpretations I’ve also taken my pictures in lower lit settings with natural light and experimented with how my subjects can interact with nature. I’ve also tried to work with colours between my subjects and their surroundings.

This above photo was directly inspired by Albi’s photo on the top left called Erica. I took it on a cloudy day to get a more low lit shot like Albi’s and found similar looking plants for my subject to stand within. Like Albi I have used a low aperture setting to really keep the focus on my subject and have used earthy colours in my shot that compliment each other.

I took these photographs of Pheobe to practice taking portrait photos and using Alessio Albi's work as inspiration. I did this by experimenting with natural backgrounds and how my subject can interact with them. I've learnt through this what I prefer aesthetically and will use this to develop my own style of photography.

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