Inspired By Marta Bevacqua

Italian photographer Marta Bevacqua's work mainly consists of fashion, beauty and fine art portraiture taken and distributed digitally. Marta works very much with nature which she says inspires her, and she also uses natural lighting and shadows that the nature around her subjects creates. Her photos are very conceptual and constructed, each being a representation of feelings and thoughts she had when deciding to go and take the photo. Which brings this dark mood, atmosphere and story that all her photos have. 

Using Marta's photos with leaves as inspiration I went out and tried taking some more of my own portrait photos using some of the techniques and ideas that Marta uses in her work, including things like the way I framed my subject and their body language in relation to the nature around them...

For my photos I really focused on how my subject can interact with nature, using natural lighting and working on composition. I really think I am getting a feel for my preferred style of photography now, I love using nature and natural lighting in my photos and now want to focus on other photographic techniques to enhance the photos I am taking.

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