A Self Portrait

As our project title is portraiture it only seems right that I attempt at least one self portrait. The interesting thing I found doing this self portrait is that I had control of how to pose and position myself whereas with taking photos of other people you need to have that communication to get the shot you want which can be difficult. Also with taking a photo of yourself you have the control over how you come across. For my photo I was unsure at first how I could fully represent myself, so I decided to keep it very casual and I just set up my tripod in my living room in front of a window for the best natural lighting. 

Personally I think this is a good representation of me as a person, I made my face the focus of my portrait and didn't smile massively or present myself too confidently as I am a very reserved person. Through doing this I've learnt more about representing the subject in a portrait photograph and in my next photos will be taking the extra effort to communicate with my subjects and ask them what their favourite pictures of them are and how they would prefer to be presented.

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