Taking Photos Of Strangers

As more of an experiment than anything I took on the challenge of finding strangers to take portraits of to work with this idea of representing someone in a photograph. Inspired by Rineke Dijkstra's beach series I took photos of people working around the college adopting a more quick point and shoot technique of capturing these people's responses to having their portrait taken. Doing this really helped me learn how to communicate with my subject when taking a photograph, I feel like you can tell what these people are like through these photos despite not being able to see much of their surroundings.
Next time I take photographs like this I would like to use the same minimal background, and keep my camera in the same place on a tripod, because as a series of portraits you do notice the difference in backgrounds as well as the different subjects which I'd like to take away to keep more consistency with my pictures and keep the focus on the subjects more.

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