Pre-Raphalite Art

After taking my Hellen Van Meene photos and making the connection between them and pre-Raphaelite art I have done some research into pre-Raphaelite art in order to influence the next photos I take which I want to be influenced by the brotherhood’s paintings. 

The Pre-Raphalite brotherhood formed in 1948 and included artists such as Rosetti and Millais, the group was formed as a revolt against the art establishment of that time. Influenced by Victorian painters such as John Ruskin, the group’s paintings took influences from Shakespeare and myths and legends, using vivid colours to create these romantic pieces of art.

A common subject used in paintings such as Hamlet’s “Ophelia” by Millais was Elizabeth Siddal. She and many others in pre-Raphaelite paintings represented the tragic heroine, often looking away into the distance looking distressed and poetic. For me pre-Raphaelite art is so expressive and such a romantic representation of the subject, and I’d love to be able to convey these themes in my photography and this idea of life imitating art. 

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