The London Shoot

So on the 6th of April I got my London shoot shot and uploaded. It was a really hectic day as I had to travel across London to my locations and I didn't necessarily know what I would be working with. However my intention was to shoot whatever I found in these spots so that I could use my captions to elaborate on the subject matter further. Luckily I wrote out my captions before I took the shots so the final edit and upload wasn't too stressful however working out my approach to my shoot really was. I went to about seven locations in the end and I also visited the Royal London Hospital Museum to see the replica skeleton of Joseph Merrick and things like his hood that he would wear and the model church he made. 

My final edit was the result of me looking at the captions I had written beforehand and deciding what would best sum up Merrick's story and experience with living with such stigma. Overall I am satisfied with what I was able to achieve considering the subject matter and lack of access, however in looking back I think there was potential for me to explore more new stories in London and I could have made more use of the time I had to visit somewhere and learn more about an aspect of the city I wasn't previously aware of. 

However going to London was an incredibly enriching experience for me and really inspiring. I did plan to recce these locations for my shoot but instead I went to every talk and opportunity and visited a couple of shows which left me super tired for the first few days. And looking back I don't know how beneficial that would have been for me anyway.

Berners Street, Bloomsbury, London, UK, 6 April 2017

Where the Royal Pathological Society of Lodon was based when Joseph Merrick agreed to be presented as a ‘living specimen.’ He attended this Bloomsbury address several times by Hansom cab whilst wrapped in his cloak.

6 Wimpole Street, London, UK, 6 April 2017

After spending his life in workhouses, freak shows and hospitals Frederick Treves invited Joseph Merrick to his house on Wimpole street. Merrick was so excited to see what a ‘normal house’ looked like that he examined every feature.

Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London, 6 April 2017

Fascinated by the theatre; Joseph Merrick was granted a private box and use of the royal staircase at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Where he was said to have spent one of the happiest nights of his life.

London Liverpool Street Station, London, UK, 6 April 2017

After being made penniless by his manager in Belgium, Joseph Merrick returned to London and arrived at Liverpool Street Station. Here he was mobbed after his cloak and hood gained unwanted attention. Merrick ended up collapsing after being barricaded in a waiting room.

The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London, UK, 6 April 2017

When Joseph Merrick returned to the London Hospital after his travels in Belgium, Treves concluded that his friend would face a short lifespan. Following an appeal, enough money was raised to provide Merrick with two private rooms known as Bedstead Corner.

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