World Pasty Championships

I decided after researching events online that I would photograph the World Pasty Championships at the Eden Project as part of my relationships work. I also have an event with Tarquins Gin that I will be photographing later in the month so I think I might put photographs from these two shoots together in order to create a series on food and drinks events. As I have been looking at Martin Parr's photographs in the British Journal of Photography on eating food which really inspired me to look more into exploring our relationships with food.

I was able to get media access to cover the championships after emailing David Rowe. Which allowed me to enter the premises early in the morning where I saw contestants check in with their entries and eventually the judges sitting down to taste and rate the pasties. Although I photographed lots of the event I have decided to focus on the judges photographs as these images show people interacting with food and each other at this event in a more intimate way. 

I really tried to get close to people and make them comfortable with my presence. However I wanted my shots to be candid so spent a lot of time in the same places waiting for moments to occur. I really struggled with the lighting and as I thought the championship would take place outside or in one of the well lit biomes didn't bring a flashgun. This has definitely taught me to always be prepared for anything. I also wish I had brought a wider lens to encompass the entire scenes a bit more like Winogrand did in his series.

I did consider just taking five pictures from this series to use for my relationships brief however I think the shots show relationships that are too similar in order for them to fit the brief parameters.

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