Planning my London Shoot

To plan my London shoot I re watched the Elephant Man film and read the The True History of The Elephant Man by Michael Howell and Peter Ford. Through this I managed to work out the locations I would want to photograph in London that I feel show important points in Merrick's story. Not all the locations are going to be as obvious for me to photograph as Merrick's story took place in the Victorian times. I have decided that as long as I can take a photograph of where abouts locations supposedly were I can take a general photograph of the street and then use my caption to elaborate on the location further. 

To plan my shoot I have found all the locations and what they look like on Google maps in order to plan my shoot day and also in case I have time to recce some of these locations in advance. 

259 Whitechapel Road, E1

Liverpool Street station, EC2

The Royal London Hospital, E1

Theatre Royal Drury Lane, WC2

6 Wimpole Street, W1

The Royal London Hospital Museum, E1

Berners Street, W1

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