SDA Shoot 4 + 5: St Ives & Kennel Vale

As I scanned my negatives for these two shoots at the same time I thought I would discuss my final two SDA shoots together. For the first shoot I went to St Ives to photograph Porthminster beach and for the second I went over to Kennel Vale in Posanooth.

Although it was a cloudy day which was ideal I really struggled to photograph the beach. However in the end I am most pleased with this very simple shot above that has this haziness in the background. I said I didn't want to make my photographs look overly spooky but this is just the weather especially at this time of year in Cornwall, and I like that the shot is very forward facing and you have this leading line taking you into the water and eventually this hazy horizon.

Kennel Vale I found a really difficult shoot because there are so many little buildings that remain of the gun powder works and I really wasn't sure where to start or what would look best. Which is why I have so many different photographs of this location to choose from. After discussing these photographs with Mal I have come to like the photograph above best. As I think this really shows what people are familiar with of this place and has a sense of intrigue about it that I have similarly created in my chosen photographs from other shoots.  

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