Person at Work 3: Lucie Odale

For my third shoot which I did on our third day at the Eden Project, I photographed a Skilled Horticulturalist that works in the South American section of the rainforest biome. I found her and a number of other gardeners in the section cutting back old growth, but as Lucie appeared to be in charge of the operation I decided to interact with her, and photograph her at work cutting back Swiss Cheese plants. 

Once again I really struggled with framing with my fixed 35mm lens as it was the only one I brought with me, and with it being so zoomed in and the fact I couldn't stand very far back it was very difficult to get Lucie in the entire frame. I also struggled to capture her facing me as I didn't want to force her to. As these photographs shouldn't be set up portraits I really tried to move around her and capture as much of her as possible. I also tried to get more detail shots inspired by the ones by Mike Lattanzi that I looked at, so I would have more of a variety of images when trying to put some together. 

I definitely think these were my most successful photographs so far especially in terms of the detail shots I produced. I really tried to show more of the environment in my images even though they are still very close up because of my lens. I think I need to move around more next time in terms of the height I take my photographs at as I am noticing they do look very similar because of this. 

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