The Fish Factory

For our first brief (The Postcode Lottery) we chose random postcodes out of a hat and were tasked to photograph the exterior and interior of that location and also get a portrait of someone working there. 

The Fish Factory is an art venue located on the first floor of an abandoned scallop factory on the Falmouth Waterfront. In 2011 Rose Hatcher took over the warehouse in order to create an independent gallery, artist’s studios and an event space. The intention was to create an accommodating and affordable hub for local emerging artists, students and graduates seeking to continue their practice while based in Cornwall. 

We spoke to volunteer Robert Burns and took a portrait of him for our brief. He explained to us the challenges of running a DIY grassroots art space in a temporary premises, and also the connections the space has with other’s in Poland. Their newest exhibition which has just opened on the 16th of September features work from four artists who are based in the Tri-city Pomerania. It is called Associated Territories and consists of drawings, paintings and batiks, to explore how artists despite their individual pursuits can collaborate creatively. 

Overall I think the shoot was successful however we did struggle to get shots of the exterior as the property is owned by a firm who only gave us permission to photograph the back of the building facing away from the seafront. Which had a lot of cars parked outside, which I didn’t think helped show the real character that the old building has.

My favourite photograph from the shoot is the one looking down into a doorway with the ssbong sign as you walk into the artist’s studio space. I like this one because I feel it evokes the kind of atmosphere that the place has with the glimpses of the original factory space on the roof, and then with all these divisions and objects that the artist’s have brought in to accommodate the space.

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