The portrait element 1 Light and Space: Rationale + Initial Ideas

The Assignment Brief:

Explore the following subjects and produce 4 images from each:

- Portraits of an interior space

- Portraits of an external space

The Constraints:
  • This project will be shot digitally 
  • You will experiment with natural AND artificial light in your interior shoots using the flash equipment you have been inducted in. 
  • At least 2 different lenses will be used for each subject 
  • All images will be shot and saved in RAW. 
  • A maximum of 100 images will be shot per subject, to be edited down in tutorials and through peer input. 
  • You will need to provide concise caption information for each image, incorporating the 5 W’s, guidelines found in the captioning Powerpoint presentation posted in week 1 on the Learning Space 
  • All work will be brought in on a weekly basis to group tutorials 


Four our second project we have been tasked with producing two sets of four images of exteriors and interiors. I am definitely more excited about this brief however I do think that getting some good quality images from the potential subject matters may be more difficult. Especially as I need to learn how to use flash lighting. I am excited to try some new techniques though and taking photographs that I don't normally intend to go out and take. As you can see above I have made a quick brainstorm of ideas for different places that I could go and shoot, however I will be making sure to bring my camera out with me from now on whatever I am doing, in case I see something worth shooting or experimenting with. 

Some of my initial ideas include places I have already visited and think would be nice to photograph such as a grave yard and some interesting buildings at a nearby village. I am also thinking of walking to some nearby beaches to try some landscape images which hopefully I will be able to take at golden hour for better lighting. I would also like to try creating long exposures in these locations. 

For interiors I was thinking a lot about places I have been so far that are really unique such as a waiting room at the harbour in Flushing and also art galleries. A lot of the antique and vintage shops are really visually interesting as well so I may go and photograph some of those. 

To get myself started with this project I plan on shooting whenever I can and also researching photographers right away to look at different approaches I could take in capturing my subject matter.

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