Person at Work Shoot 2: Riyah Snow

The second person I photographed at Eden was a gardener called Riyah Snow who works in the Mediterranean Biome. When I found her she was planting coreopsis maritima which she explained to me is a perennial plant that is found in the California chaparral and woodlands. I spent a lot more time with my subject in this shoot, asked her questions and showed a genuine interest in what she was doing. Because of this I think it made her a lot more comfortable to do what she would be doing normally, allowing me to capture photographs of her doing her work as if I wasn't there. 

Again I am really not pleased with the results of this shoot and am not sure if I will use this subject for my final images as I am unable to do a reshoot. My main issues are that I have not shown enough of her face in the photographs which I think is because I couldn't really get round to photograph the front of her with what she was doing. The compositions are really bugging me as well as I feel that with most of the photographs I have not stepped back enough to get Riyah in the whole frame, as all the images seem to crop parts of her out. Luckily I have the first shot of her stood further away which would help stop the images from looking too consistent if I did decide to put three of these together. 

For my next shoot I need to think more about composition and creating more space around my subject in the frame, so that the focus is more on them and I can get more context in the image through the space surrounding them. I also need to consider more the variety of images I can create with a series of three images being in mind as the final product. 

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