Person at Work Shoot 4: Mike Greer

On my final day at Eden I decided to go and speak to some of the chefs in the Mediterranean biome before the public had come into the biomes properly to ask if I could photograph them. The sous chef Mike Greer who is the subject of my first set of chosen images shown above said I should come back at lunch time when there would be more happening but he gave me a few things to photograph in the morning as well such as cutting up bread. 

I really enjoyed this shoot because there was lots of different things for me to photograph Mike doing, as he is in charge of lots of different things there and I also got to try lots of different angles. Food photography is also something that really interests me so getting to photograph chefs for the first time was pretty special. 

Overall I am quite happy with these photographs and although some of the lights are distracting in some of my more environmental portraits of Mike I definitely have one or two I could use. I also think I have a couple of decent detail and action shots I can use so am looking forward to bringing these photographs to our crit to help me put three together, as at this stage I am still unsure of what would work best together.

I like that in these shots I managed to get Mike in my frame fully and step back a bit more than I have in my previous shoots, however in these images showing the ceiling these lights above I have noticed are very distracting as they are so bright. 

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