Person at Work Shoot 5: Carl Homan

I did photograph quite a few of the chefs in the Medittarean Biome on my last day at the Eden project but my other favourite photographs are of antipasti chef Carl Homan, and these are the other photographs I will be bringing to the crit as I think these are my most successful so far in terms of the variety of shots I was able to capture. I really liked that because he is the antipasti chef I was able to capture him creating the different kinds of platters he makes but focusing on his particular task and area of the kitchen. 

I think I will definitely be using the first image as my detail shot, as I think it really shows well the process and product that Carl is responsible for in a very aesthetically pleasing way with all the colours and focus on the actual antipasti board. Rather than his hands which we can still see in the background deciding on the placement of the cured meat. As for my two other images I am really not so sure and have a lot more to choose from. Therefore I will use the crit to decide on my other photographs. 

The main issue I have found in this shoot however was trying to work around a lot of the grey tubs that all the antipasti ingredients are stored in. As I was unable to move them and struggled to capture what Carl was doing on the worktop without getting these grey tubs in the shots. However as I used a low f/stop they aren't particularly in focus, however in postproduction I did find that when I zoomed out on my images they do catch the eye quite a lot as a darker shape. But then again you could argue that they add more context to the images in terms of informing the viewer even more about the work environment that Carl works in. 

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