Monday 13th Crit

For our March crit I brought in all my favourite photographs that I have shot for my SDA project so far. To get some advice on editing, and critique on my current approach to the subject matter. Currently my lecturers and peers agree with me on my current favourites from each shoot except for the Bodmin Jail photographs. A lot of them really liked the top photograph in the image above which I also like and think has a certain distance and expanse however I am still not sure whether I will use any of these photographs or not in my final edit. 

It was really interesting to see what everyone else has been working on and also to get some feedback on work that I have been doing in a very isolated way. Visiting these locations alone and learning about these hauntings through hours of research. It has definitely made me realise that I need to share my work and ideas more in order to help me develop them further. 

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