Predannack Shoot

For my five picture story project I visited Predannack Airfield for a guided tour of the place and to witness some of the work that still is in operation there. I took my 5D so that I would have digital photographs as backups but to take my five picture story images I brought along a Minnolta SLR camera and a 24mm lens. So that I could take the wide shots of the landscape with black and white 35mm film that I intended to for my project. 

Above are some of the digital shots I took during the day as backups. I am happy with a few of them however I don't think they can give the same sense of history and consistency that I was able to achieve with my analogue photographs.

In the end I used one roll of HP5 for this shoot and really considered the photographs I was taking as I wouldn't have been able to change the roll of film during the day as we were walking around the location in the bright sunlight. Overall I am pretty pleased with my photographs considering I have very little experience with film photography. I also think I have taken photographs that encompass what happens at Predannack today and what is still there. 

The only issue I am having now is the editing of my photographs down to five pictures. I definitely think I want one shot of the flight deck training fire test, an interior and exterior of a retired aircraft and I definitely want a shot of the Barnes Wallis ramp and the air control tower. So I will be taking my favourite photographs that I am deciding between to the next crit, to discuss them with tutors and other students. 

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