SDA Shoot 2: Penryn, Penmere Railway Station + Pendennis

For my second SDA shoot I decided to commit to colour film in the form of Fujifilm SUPERIA X-TRA 400 and have decided to use the Minnolta again with the 24mm lens as I really liked the landscape shots I took with it for my five picture story and the expanse and distance it creates between the photographer and subject matter in photographs. As I want there to be a feeling of distance as the actually subject matter is not so much the places but their stories. 

The first place I visited was Pendennis Castle in Falmouth which is said to be haunted by a screaming kitchen maid who can be heard in the basement. I did consider photographing the basement however this shot really wouldn't have informed the viewer that it is a Cornish location which I would like it to. In the end I am most happy with the exterior shot of the circular castle above. As I think there is something rather sinister about this cold looking building sat on top of this hill. I had to wait a while for people to move out of the shot but I think it was worth it. I did take this just after midday but it was cloudy which I don't mind as much as it's given the building and grass more texture. 

For my second location I revisited Penmere train station and this time I am much happier with my shots. In the end I prefer this shot above as I like the victorian looking sign as it references the haunting which is supposedly the spirit of a victorian girl who walks the platform. I also like this leading line creates by the railway which gives this small station much more expanse.

My favourite photograph from this shoot is this photograph of St Gluvias church in Penryn. I decided to take this shot from further away in order to focus more on the bell tower which the spirit of a captain that supposedly haunts this location is said to on occasion ring the bells here at early hours in the morning. I also took this photograph from further away so that when you do read the caption you can almost imagine the bells echoing down this graveyard.

Finally on this long day shoot I took some photographs of the streets of Penryn. As during the Christmas festive period there is said to be a spirit who rides a horse and carriage down the streets and disappears. I was really just experimenting with this subject matter but I definitely won't be using these shots as I want my series to be made up of more well known and visited locations that people who know Cornwall are more familiar with visually. 

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