SDA Shoot 3: Bodmin Jail + Lanhydrock House

For my next shoot I planned to visit two places in Bodmin. The first being Bodmin Jail; built in the late 18th century and a hot spot for hangings, the jail has an abundance of haunting stories and reports of deceased prisoners returning to haunt the jail. The second location I visited was Lanhydrock house; a stately home supposedly haunted by a grey lady who haunts the only two rooms that remained after a fire, and also a man who was hanged by royalists during the Civil War. 

Photographing Bodmin Jail was initially a struggle as there is a lot of building work happening on the exterior which I obviously did not want to photograph. Eventually I found a route to walk around the outside on the jail that led me to this view looking up into the old cells. It was difficult because I had to photograph through a big gate but I think I got a nice variety of shots. My only concern is that there isn't as much distance between me and the subject as I want to maintain in this series. But I will have to see how these photographs look with my other shots. The photograph above is one of my personal favourites because of the way these leading lines lead somewhere that appears hazy and I also like the detail to begin with of the overgrown ivy on the walls. 

The photograph above is my favourite that I took of Lanhydrock house because there is a mysterious feeling to it created by this distance and I like the symmetry and the tilting of the trees in the frame. I am not so keen on my closer shots of the building because I feel that they show too much of the newer parts of the building and also signposts and fencing etc that has been put there by the National Trust. 

Overall I am pretty pleased with my photographs from this shoot and I definitely want to use the Lanhydrock photograph. I am definitely getting more comfortable with shooting this kind of film and using the Minnolta camera so will feel much more confident using it for my next shoot for this project.

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