SDA Shoot 1: Penmere Railway Station

To begin experimenting with 35mm film for my SDA subject matter I decided to try using some Ilford HP5 to photograph Penmere station. I chose Penmere train station because I read on a paranormal database online the story of the spirit of a victorian girl who has been seen to walk the platform. As it is close to campus I thought this would be a good place to start with playing around with different kinds of film, lenses and compositions. I used a 50mm lens on my Olympus OM10 for these shots and although I really like the first photograph of the shelter I think there is something missing in terms of atmosphere from these photographs. 

I think using this black and white film has just confirmed to me that I won't be using it to shoot this self directed assignment work. As I want there to be more a sense of familiarity to my images for people as well as a strange feeling, and I think they need to see these places in colour in order to feel this. 

I also want to try taking my photographs with a wider lens like I did for my Predannack photographs. As I really liked how expansive the images were and they let you see something more similar to how you would with your own eyes. As the human eye's focal length is around 17mm.

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