Andy Denzler // Glitch Paintings

After looking at Angelica Garcia's Emptiness series of work I've been thinking a lot more about how I can use distortion in my work, and in terms of the word flicker I've also been thinking a lot about how computers and tv screens can flicker and glitch, and how I can translate those kinds of ideas into photography. So when I came across Andy Denzler's glitch paintings on The Creator's Project Blog, I was instantly inspired by his paintings that he created by forwarding and rewinding video tapes, that he would abruptly pause and then he would paint the result. I think the effect his paintings have with this glitched, caught in motion effect, are particularly surreal and thought provoking in this instant these figures are caught within, that really elicit a sense of emotion from them. 

Purple Leaves Fall Into The Water 2013
Above is one of my favourite pieces of Denzler's work that I have come across as I think the colors used are so mystical and calming, especially the plum shades which go beautifully with the other grey and blue tones in the image. I think this image is particularly interesting because the video tape effect that Denzler has created seems to have created movement that wasn't already there as the figure looks relatively still and looking down at something. To me these glitches across Denzler's work, really act as an emotional stimulus that the viewer can draw from, to gather their own ideas about his work. However for me personally these pieces make a comment on how memories, technology and even paintings do not last forever. Overtime things change and and moments do flicker and can disappear just as spontaneously as they occur or reappear. 

Through Denzler taking these images from old video tapes, and giving them a new existence in his paintings, he is really subverting mass media in a really poetic way, by extending the shelf life of these visuals that could disappear just as easily as new technologies and visuals are created. The effect of distortion in these paintings, also gives this really haunting and horror movie like quality to what could have been a very calm scene, had the effects of the video tape not been there. Personally I really like this effect, and it's made me think a lot more about how I can incorporates themes of horror and the more disturbing into my images, to make a comment on something social or political such as mass media, like Denzler has done with his paintings. 

From looking at Denzler's work, and coming to conclusions about distortion and more darker, but social messages, that can be communicated through an image. I now what to look at visuals from content such as horror movies, to find more influences and inspiration visually, to formulate ideas for my final piece.


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