Charlie Waite // Vibrant Landscapes

Charlie Waite is a renowned British landscape photographer, well known for his more colourful and artistic approach to the genre of landscape photography. I was instantly drawn to his work when looking for more contemporary landscape photography online. Waite's photographs are vivid and bright, and to me really bring something more surreal and abstract to landscape photography, through the powerful use of composition and colour. 

This is one of my favourite landscape photographs taken by Waite while in Tuscany. I think this image is particularly powerful because of the mysterious, dark mood it has, which Charlie Waite has created through the powerful use of light and shadows and in particular the colours in both the sky, and the shades of green on the land which look really surreal. One thing that I find particularly interesting about Waite's work is his brilliant use of the rule of thirds which helps create these powerful compositions in his work and such energy and tension between his subject matter. To me Waite's work and this image in particular are digital masterpieces that show such simplicity and skill to create something so visually interesting. 

Looking at Waite's work and his powerful use of colour in a very surreal and abstract way has inspired me to experiment with changing the vibrancy in landscape photographs that I have taken previous to this project. I really wanted to find a way to incorporate some of my previous personal landscape work into this project as in the past year or so I've really enjoyed going to places during the warmer seasons and taking photographs of nature and landscapes. And I really liked the idea of giving them an unnatural look to create more abstract photographs that look unworldly and mystical.

Above is one of my personal favourites as because I have lowered the saturation to a certain extent this image looks more hazy and mysterious rather than looking completely over edited. I also think this effect with the purple colour creates a really eerie and dark mood to what was originally a very straight forward photograph that I took of a town in Lancashire.

Overall I am really pleased with how these experiments turned out and they have definitely made landscape photography more interesting for me, as I do like to be more artsy and creative with my work. After looking at Waite's photos I now want to work harder to create better compositions and deal with lighting better as the use of shadows and light I found really powerful in Waite's work. 

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