Angelica Garcia // Emptiness


"Everyday I lose you… time, You are like water that slips away from me. Presence. Moment. Movement. How can I do to show how you run from me? How can I show that even if I freeze you, then you aren't the same? How if I steal your essence, I don’t have you anyway? Strange presence… Emptiness."

Whilst searching for work on movement online, I came across an article on the art blog Ignant, on a series of work regarding movement and distortion by Angelica Garcia. I found it particular interesting due to the quote above, where she really states the premise behind this series, which is all about loneliness and emptiness and how memories change with time and the people within them change and our feelings towards those moments change. Which for a lot of people and clearly Garcia, is a very sad and emotional thing, that is a tragic part of life, that this series of work represents.

This series of images really brings together some of the ideas I've been looking at, as despite these being digital images, Garcia has printed them and manipulated them by hand and then rephotographed them. Because of this they really capture emotion in the same way Bacon did, in his portraits, with these painted on movements, that personally I find really poetic and heartbreaking, when you think about the photographer's conceptual ideas behind this piece and relate them to your own life. 

Above is my favourite piece from this series as I think the effect Garcia has created is so intricate and dreamy, and I love these pops of saturated colour, which really remind me of effects you can create on VSCO Cam which I find so aesthetically pleasing. For me this photograph makes me think about people I've known who've changed or done something in a negative way to taint my thoughts about them, and how you can still be presented with the same person you've once known but they can be so different in how they are and how you perceive them. I think the fluid movement in the image, is also key in conveying this as the figure seems trapped in this whirlwind, which to me connotates with feelings of destruction and negativity, which psychologically the memory represented may provide, really evoking the feelings of emptiness that Garcia is aiming to represent with this work. I suppose I've connected with work like this so much because I do find the images so emotionally captivating and they really provide a whole new perspective of looking at a piece of artwork. 

Looking at this technique and the ideas behind the distortion in this work, has really made me think more about this form of movement and the possible conceptual ideas behind using methods like this, and even creating a more abstract series of work such as this. At this point I definitely want my final piece to be conceptually and emotionally strong. I really like the idea of conveying a social message with my work and looking at these pieces has really given me some ideas to think about, in particular to do with time and change. 

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