Crit Notes 22 Nov

On the 22nd of November we had our final pin up and crit where I brought in some of the exterior and interior shots that I was struggling to edit down to four.

Notes I took during the crit

  • Need to think about sequencing and the order you would display images on a wall
  • Avoid having photos together that look too similar
  • Think more about potentially cropping images, look for distracting areas that could be cropped out
  • Always try different orientations when taking the photographs. Think about ways of presenting them such as on a magazine cover or double page spread etc.
  • Shouldn't be able to tell how tall the photographer is. Try a variety of vantage points and angles

  • The images I have chosen for all eight except The Exchange Gallery photograph have a similar dark and moody aesthetic. Could replace this image with another to keep the images more consistent
Above is a comment I received from a fellow student who noticed a similar style across the final four interior images we narrowed down in the crit. I was planning on using the photograph of the gallery in my final four however when I put all four images together the gallery shot stood out too much as it is so bright and white compared to my darker photographs. So to keep my series consistent I have decided to replace this photograph with another shot of inside the Waterman's Rest which is of the inside of the windows which look out onto the harbour.

Final four exterior photographs

Overall I am pleased with my exterior images and I really like the consistency across them created by them being more dark and moody in nature. 

Final four interior photographs

I am happy with my final shots of interiors although I do feel I could of tried taking some interior shots using artificial lighting, as all of my final photographs are lit by daylight. 

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