Male Portraiture Shoot

For my first shoot in the portraiture part 2 project I photographed my male subject who is Billy Brookes, a photography student here at Falmouth University. I am happy with these photographs and the way I have dealt with the light and also composition in my images, so all I need to do now is edit them down to the four I will present as my final images of a male subject. 

The day we arranged for the shoot ended up having extremely heavy rain so instead of shooting around Falmouth like I planned, I decided to take him to Tremough House and the walled harden here on campus. I felt the old interiors of Tremough house would help reflect my subject's personality as he considers himself to have been born in the wrong era. The lighting ended up being really beautiful in there and I used a flashgun to light up the other side of his face when taking shots of him sat by the window. 

A lot of the poses do seem strange in the photographs I have picked out as my favourites but I am drawn to these kinds of shots as they say a lot more about my subject's character. Which I really wanted to try and capture in between him posing for photographs. Very much inspired by Dijkstra and Arbus' approaches to taking portraits. 

Environmental, Detail, Observed, Formal
Above are my final four images that I have chosen for my male portraits. I decided to choose ones that I felt reflected both the more serious and playful to my subject's personality. My favourite photograph is the environmental portrait as I really like my subject's expression, the richness of warm colours in the photograph and also the composition with all the lines and square shapes breaking up the image. 

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