Waterman's Rest

In looking through my Waterman's Rest contact sheet from my reshoot there were quite a few images that could have potentially been put in my final four interior images in my opinion. But in the end I chose two. Both of which are portrait shots which I think work well together in showing a wider perspective of the room and then focusing in on part of the table. 

I chose this photograph as the light is particularly nice in this image and I like how both the benches are in the frame showing how small this room is. 

This was my favourite photograph from this series of images and I will definitely be using it for one of my four exterior shots as I really love the way the colour and light work in this image. Giving a real richness to these warm brown tones against the accents of blue. 

I also quite liked this exterior shot of the Waterman's Rest as it gives the room a lot of context in terms of the room being connected to a house and also situated by the habour. So I am really considering using this as one of my final four exterior shots. 

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