Exchange Gallery Penzance

In brainstorming ideas for potential interior/exterior shots, I started thinking about places that particularly interest me and would make more personal sense for me to photograph. As taking landscape photographs for example despite being able to appreciate them they are not something I am particularly motivated to shoot, as I don't really enjoy that kind of photography. 

I really enjoy visiting galleries and exhibitions so it made sense for me to go and shoot a gallery and I had planned to visit the Liberties exhibition at The Exchange in Penzance, so decided to shoot that. The work displayed was contemporary in nature and a lot of it was highly conceptual, so against the white exhibition space it makes for some really intriguing images. I really experimented with framing the space in this shoot as I didn't want my photographs to focus on one piece of art for example and instead the actual interior space which is used for exhibiting contemporary art. 

This is my favourite image from this shoot as it doesn't draw too much attention to any particular piece of work and gives a real sense of this large exhibition space. A big issue in a lot of my photographs was that this piece in the middle of the room was too distracting being such bright shades of red and pink which the human eye is most sensitive to. So in remembering the work of Saul Leiter that I looked at, I worked on only showing a small accent of this colour so it wouldn't demand all the attention in the image. Because of this I think I will use this one as one of my four interior shots. 

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