While I was doing my interior shots in flushing I noticed that the sky was particularly interesting, so I decided to try taking some landscape photographs as well. It was cloudy where we were but across the estuary in Falmouth there was a patch of sunshine peeking through the clouds which was surrounded by dark clouds where it was raining over the town. This made for some very dramatic lighting in my shots and I spent a lot of time playing around with this light and the foreground created by the rock pools where I was in Flushing. 

This was my favourite shot form the shoot as I really like the colours from the rocks and how all the tones work in the image. It is a little dark here but I have brought the brightness up in the foreground and I feel it would look a lot better in print. 

I also decided to take some detail shots capturing colour and signage in Flushing village, inspired by the colourists I have looked at. I do quite like these as detail shots however after discussing them with Gretchen they are not particularly strong enough for my series of four exterior shots and they focus too much on this signage in the image. Which I shouldn't rely on too much in my photographs.

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