Penzance Train Station

While on my way back from visiting the Liberties exhibition I returned to Penzance train station in the dark and it was really atmospheric looking down into the empty station with the soft lighting on the platforms. So I decided to capture this scene as I have not yet taken any exterior photographs at night for this project. 

This was one of my favourite shots from this shoot as I really like the more pink colours from the lights against the greys on the platform. I also like how these leading lines created by the platforms work in the composition in drawing the eye up into the horizon of the image. 

Above is another one of my favourites from this shoot that I will definitely be using in my final four exterior images as I really like how the lighting has turned out. As it reminds me of the kind of effect Gregory Crewsdon would get in his photographs which I really love. I also think this image is really atmospheric with the dark void of negative space surrounding the platform. 

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