I noticed after my landscape shots the other day that I was making sole use of light around the afternoon so decided for my next few images to try shooting landscapes at a different time of day. So I decided to go shoot Godrevy at six in the morning to capture the sun rising over the cliffs. I brought my tripod to try shooting some long exposures but it was so windy on top of the cliffs that I was not able to do this. Instead I played around with compositions and framing colour in my photographs. 

This was one of the photographs I felt was more successful from this shoot and was taken looking down at the beach at Godrevy. Much like the shot that was my favourite landscape image taken in Flushing I like how there is lots of detail in the foreground. However I do think it is a shame the lighthouse is not more in focus which is a result of me using a low f/stop for this shoot to help deal with the lower light conditions. 

I think this was my most successful image from this shoot as I really like the richness of colour I managed to capture and how the darker quality to this photograph gives it a really moody feel. I think the white lighthouse breaks up the two halves of the image well and looks more an impressive structure with the portrait orientation I used for this shot, as I also tried photographing from this angle with using a landscape orientation. 

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