Studio Experiments 1

For my first experiments in the studios with formal lighting, I decided to try low key lighting against a grey background inspired by the work of Nadar. I also wanted to play around with getting more of my subjects in the frame as in the past I have mainly just taken shots of subjects showing the upper torso and above. I had my female and male model mostly sitting down during this shoot as I wanted to have more control over the direction their bodies were facing in the photograph. So I could observe more closely the effects of having my subject facing slightly different directions in the photographs. 

Of the photographs of my female model the one on the bottom right here is my favourite as I think she looks the most relaxed and herself in this image and I really like the way her chin is tilted upwards to show us a lot of her face while looking up into the distance. I think her hair was a particular issue in terms of showing her face in this shoot and I think the photographs of her stood up are more successful because of the camera being more parallel with her face, which gives us a better view of her eyes which I think is important and she fills more of the frame. However in theory it would be fine for me to go and crop the images of her sat down to get rid of this heavy amount of negative space in the frame.  

Of the photographs of my male subject this was my favourite as I like the shape created of the subject  in the frame and although not like the low key lighting of Nadar I do prefer this higher contrast of light and dark in my image by adjusting curves in Photoshop. I don't think I would crop this photograph as I think this heavy space above my subject is quite powerful and possibly says something more about what is going on inside my subject's head. 

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