For my next shots taken while exploring Penryn campus I decided to take inspiration from New Topographics photographer Lewis Baltz. I did this by using a more formal approach to photographing this piece of architecture (Chapel Lecture Theatre). Adopting a similar minimal aesthetic to Baltz's using bright white negative space in high contrast black and white images. Despite a large element of imitation here it was really an opportunity I took to explore a style of exterior photography I haven't really experimented with myself before. 

This is definitely my favourite photograph from this shoot as I like the way the two thick dark  monkey trees frame the building. With this large area of negative space created by the sky and also the plants in the foreground which creates a strong sense of balance in the photograph. Overall I am pleased with this particular shot from this shoot and have learnt a lot about composition and using negative space in photographs of this nature. However as this is likely to be the last black and white image I produce in this project I will not be using it as a final image just because I want my eight photographs to be consistent in terms of warmth and style. 

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