Coastal Path 2

I decided to return to the coastal path a day later to see what else I could find to photograph. I found an old boat which interested me but I could not get very close to it because I would have been trespassing if I went any closer. I do really like the subject matter but my issue other than the poor composition of the photographs is that there isn't a lot of context to them. The boat could be anywhere and there is too much of the trees in the photograph whereas I would have liked to have been able to isolate this subject matter a bit more. Therefore I definitely won't be using any of those photographs in my final four. 

The last few photographs are of some branches next to a wire fence that I found visually interesting. I tried to frame them in a way that would isolate them a bit more against the white negative space like in Sudek's images but it really didn't work at all in my opinion. I think light is also becoming an even bigger issue in my landscape photographs and it would be a lot better if I went around golden hour to capture some of these shapes. Potential getting darker tones in my photographs like in Sudek's, which gave real atmosphere to his subject matter.

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