Coastal Path 1

Inspired by Sudek's black and white landscape photography, for my first exterior shoot I decided to create some black and white landscape photographs of my own. As this is something I have not done a lot of prior to this course, particularly bearing in mind the kind of aesthetic considerations of Sudek's work.

I took these photographs around midday and found that because of this the sky was too bright in contrast to my landscape subject matter and really did not work with what I was photographing. I would very much consider this an experimental shoot anyway but I came out to take landscape photographs in this location as it was the only time I had free and I really wanted to work on some different compositions. 

I really wanted to work on isolating natural subject matter but the only thing that I found that interested me was a large branch, which was too far away in the estuary. Also an interesting grave which because of the highly textured backdrop made for some very boring photographs in my opinion. It was also very dark in the graveyard and I could not keep my tripod still enough to create a more crisp long exposure of this subject matter. 

Next time I do a shoot I plan on bringing a flashgun with me in case I need to light up anything. and I also want to consider the time of day more in my images in regards to what will work best with my intended subject matter. 

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