Telephone Box + Waterman's Rest Flushing

For my first interior shoot I decided to go and photograph a telephone box and rest room, in a nearby village that I had previously visited and thought would make for two interesting subjects for some interior shots. The telephone in the telephone box can no longer be used and instead people put books in there and take them out to read, like a little library. The Waterman's Rest is also an intriguing little restroom which is an extension on someone's house; decorated with pictures of local people and information for them with some wooden benches for people to sit on inside. Therefore I felt that these two small interiors have an interesting enough narrative that I would attempt to illustrate in my photographs. 

I took these photographs with a fixed 35mm lens which ended up being far too zoomed in a focal length, for me to photograph inside this telephone box on my own while holding the heavy door open. However I do really like this subject matter so plan on going back with someone so they can hold open the heavy door for me while I take photographs with a wider lens so I can explore the inside with my photographs even more.

The light was also too bright as I took these photographs at around midday which meant that in order to properly expose the inside of the telephone box I lost a lot of detail of what is outside of the telephone box in my shots. Therefore I plan on reshooting later on or earlier on in the day when the outside light is not so direct and bright.

The light was far too bright in particular to capture the Waterman's Rest as it made this building look really flat and uninteresting in my photographs. Again because I was just using my fixed 35mm lens it was far too zoomed in a focal length to capture the inside of the room. Therefore like the telephone box I plan on returning to this location to reshoot when the lighting is better and I have a wider lens.

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